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Delphinium Foundation
                                     -   For the disabled elderly   

Welcome to our website!

International help Delphinium Foundation is established to support elderly people living with physical disabilities in Hungary.
Due to financial difficulties in this country, the older generation became more vulnerable than ever. Their pension is simply not enough to live on it, cover their medication fees or mobility equipment, and most of the time they are struggling to pay their energy bills or buy wood for the winter. (In 2016 eighty people died here due to hypothermia, and most of them was a pensioner, who could not cover their heating expenses and found dead at their own home...)

However they are entitled to get a care worker up to three times a day, but there are no double ups, or mobility equipment (like a hospital bed, hoist, rotunda etc.) at their home to increase their quality of life. Disabled elders in Hungary, stuck in their bed, getting isolated, lonely and depressed.

Most of the time family members have to give up their jobs to provide full-time care for their loved ones, if they became terminally ill, facing with huge financial, physical and emotional difficulties.

How we can help

Delphinium Foundation aims to provide support for the elderly people, their family members, and care workers.

We work towards to:

- increase disabled elders mobility, buying and borrowing equipment for them free of charge
- increase their quality of life and to reduce their poverty
- support the carers with up to date information to ensure their safety and enable them to the best possible service for the disabled people
- organize an advocacy service to inform elders about their rights, opportunities and assist them to claim a benefit
- provide emotional support for isolated elderly and for family members who became carers

How can you help?

If you agree with our goals and care for disabled elders in Eastern Europe, please support our organization:

- by donating our charity shop with clean clothes, linen, blankets, kitchenware, mobility equipment or other goods in a good condition.
- or kindly send a donation for the following account to enable these vulnerable people to get the support what they need.

Bank details: 10400607-50526874-70501006

IBAN HU09 10400607-50526874-70501006

Thank you very much for your support and donation.

Wishing all the best and good health for you!

Flower for you

They already have supported us

- Karen (Worcester Park) – mobility equipment
- Ruth (Chessington) – kitchenware and linen
- Josephine (Wallington) - mobility equipment

Thank you very much for your whole-hearted donations.

God bless you all!



Delphinium Foundation - For the disabled elderly
Contact person: Erika Polgar
Tel.: +44 754 9143 631
Email: delphiniumfoundation@gmail.com

Szarkaláb Foundation is a registered charity organization in Hungary. Registered address: 5200 Törökszentmiklós, Bocskai út 18.
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